Toronto Safecracker

Joshua Pothiers

Owner/Lead Technician
Josh is a locksmith who specializes in Safes & Vaults.
Phone: 647 857 5625

 Safes & Vaults.

Joshua's skills are very heavily focused on Safes & Vaults, including ATM's Vaults, and strongboxes. Toronto Safecracker can open your safe the smart way usually utilizing non-destructive entry which leads to fewer repairs bills and a smoother opening. Toronto Safecracker can maintain or restore your safe also.


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Our skills mean ease of mind when it comes to your safe. Able to repair, maintain, service, and open safes of all sizes. Changing combinations. Getting you into your locked safe is easy. Call us for a safe solution. When hiring a locksmith, It is suggested you make sure they are experienced with safes. That they are not going to destroy or drill your safe unless they have to. Many locks can be opened with little to no damage. With Toronto Safecracker any destructive methods will be discussed with the client and locksmith before they take place. We work solely on Safes and Vaults. We don't open cars or homes. We focus our training, our resources and time on safes and vaults. From simple service and maintenance to full out restorations and upgrades, we do it all.

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